nutone bathroom fan heater replacement parts

nutone bathroom fan heater replacement parts


As years go by, the need for good ventilation in residential and commercial buildings is becoming increasingly important. Proper ventilation within the rooms helps to improve air quality, reduce moisture, and control the growth of unhealthy mold and mildew. Natural ventilation options such as air conditioners, fans and open the windows are not always the most reliable solutions. Consequently, many people are now opting to install bathroom fan heaters as efficient and alternate ventilation solutions.

Bathroom fan heaters are an ideal solution to minimize moisture build-up, as well as to circulate heat in cold damp environments. They work by extracting the humid air through a vent and replacing it with an equal amount of warm, clean air. Not only do they improve air circulation and keep the environment warm and comfortable, but they are also energy efficient and cost-effective in the long run.

However, the performance of bathroom fan heaters depends largely on the quality of the parts used. It is therefore important to replace the parts regularly to ensure your fan heater is working at its optimal level. Broan-NuTone is one of the leading names in bathroom fan heater replacement parts, offering an extensive range of reliable and quality components that provide robust performance for years to come.

Broan-NuTone Bathroom Fan Heater Replacement Parts

Broan-NuTone provides a variety of replacement parts for bathroom fan heaters. From ventilation fans to heating elements, these parts allow you to customize your fan heater to your preferences. The key components of a typical Broan-NuTone fan heater include a motor and blower assembly, a grille, thermostat, heating element, and snap-in mounting plate.

The Motor and Blower Assembly

The motor and blower assembly is responsible for pushing air through the duct. It is composed of a motor, squirrel-cage blower, and mounting acket. The motor is available in different power ratings: 0.3, 0.5, 0.75, and 1.0 amps. The squirrel-cage blower assists in pushing out the heated air. It is responsible for creating the necessary airflow rate needed to properly ventilate a room. The mounting acket serves as a support for the motor and blower assembly.

The Grille

The grille is used to cover the blower assembly. It is usually made of steel with a white epoxy finish. It is designed to prevent foreign objects from entering the fan housing and to protect the motor from moisture damage.

The Thermostat

The thermostat is a temperature-sensing device that controls the fan’s speed. It is designed to turn the fan on or off depending on the temperature inside the room. It is available in three different types: single speed, two speed, or three speed.

The Heating Element

The heating element generates heat by allowing electric current to pass through a resistance wire. The heat generated is then transferred through the fan’s ducts, providing warmth to the room.

The Snap-In Mounting Plate

The snap-in mounting plate is used to secure the fan to the ceiling. It is designed with a quick-release feature that allows for easy installation and removal.

Installation Considerations

Although bathroom fan heaters are convenient and energy-efficient, proper installation is essential for optimal performance. It is recommended that professional assistance be sought for installing your fan heater. This includes ensuring that all the replacement parts are in place and properly wired. Additionally, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to guarantee safe and efficient operation.


Bathroom fan heaters offer an effective and energy-efficient solution for ventilation purposes. Broan-NuTone provides a selection of quality replacement parts so that homeowners can have their fan heater working at its optimal level. Proper installation is essential to ensure these parts work together correctly and safely. With the right care and attention, your bathroom fan heater will provide you with many years of operation.

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