pelonis digital fan heater

pelonis digital fan heater

Introduction The Pelonis Digital Fan Heater is a portable heating solution perfect for homes or office spaces. It is a user-friendly, energy-efficient device that delivers powerful performance and features variable power settings, timer functions, adjustable temperature, and digital LCD display. This digital fan heater is just what you need for heating-up your living room, a cabin, or a garage during cold winter days and nights.

Design The Pelonis Digital Fan Heater exudes a modern matte black finish that looks stylish and blends in with any home or office décor. This device is designed to be extremely energy efficient, saving money on electricity bills while maintaining a comfortable level of warmth in the room. It comes with a 7-hour timer function and adjustable temperature setting ranging from 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (15 – 32 °C). The digital LCD display is clear and easy to use, with soft touch buttons on the top of the unit.

Performance The powerful yet energy efficient Pelonis Digital Fan Heater is capable of delivering reliable performance. This unit has 3-power settings, allowing you to adjust the power for different temperatures and the fan speed for maximum air circulation. With its adjustable temperature range and timer, you can set the Pelonis Digital Fan Heater to turn on automatically and maintain a safe, warm atmosphere in the room.

Safety The Pelonis Digital Fan Heater features multiple safety features to ensure your security and peace of mind. These features include an overheat shut-off and tip-over safety switch. The overheat shut-off system will kick in if the internal temperature of the heater exceeds a certain threshold, preventing potential fire hazards and other types of property damages. The tip-over safety switch will turn off the device and prevent it from running when it is tipped in any direction.

Conclusion The Pelonis Digital Fan Heater is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable, energy efficient, and stylish heating solution. This device is equipped with a digital LCD display, variable power settings, timer functions, adjustable temperature setting, and safety features, making it perfect for your home or office. With its modern matt black finish and energy-saving performance, this unit is sure to keep your space warm and comfortable. Pick up your Pelonis Digital Fan Heater today and enjoy the warmth and convenience it ings.

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