presto fan heater

presto fan heater


The Presto fan heater is a widely available stand-alone device used mainly to provide heat in the winter months. It is a highly energy efficient appliance that is powered either by a standard UK plug or an external power source. It is designed to achieve effective and efficient heating without the complexity of a full central heating system. This appliance does not require any plumbing or installation, and can be easily moved around to various rooms.

Energy Efficiency of the Presto Fan Heater

The Presto fan heater is designed to be highly energy efficient. It is fitted with a built-in adjustable thermostat so that the desired heat setting can be easily adjusted to match the temperature of the room. According to the manufacturer, the fan heater is capable of achieving an efficiency of up to an impressive 99%. This means that the majority of the energy used to power the appliance is converted into direct heat and not wasted.

The device also benefits from an adjustable fan speed, which allows the user to control the output of the heater. At the lowest setting, it is estimated that the fan heater uses up to 80-90% less energy than a standard, equivalent-size radiator. At the highest setting, however, it can use up to 50% more energy. This means that it is important to adjust the fan speed setting carefully to ensure the appliance is running at the most efficient level of operation without sacrificing the desired comfort level.

Safety Features of the Presto Fan Heater

The Presto fan heater is fitted with a number of safety features designed to protect both the user and the appliance from damage. These features include an overheat protection switch, which automatically switches off the appliance if it reaches an unsafe temperature. This is designed to prevent overheating and fires caused by overheating. Additionally, the fan heater comes with an anti-tip protection feature, which prevents it from tipping over and potentially causing injury or damage.

The Presto fan heater is also fitted with a visible power indicator light, so the user is always aware of whether the appliance is switched on or not. This is an important safety feature as it prevents the risk of potential electric shocks. Additionally, this appliance is also fitted with an integrated thermal fuse which is designed to disconnect the power if the device reaches too high a temperature.


The Presto fan heater is a highly energy efficient and safe appliance that is ideal for providing additional heat during the cold winter months. Its adjustable thermostat and fan speed allow users to tailor the output to their specific needs, while the integrated safety features provide protection against potential hazards. As a result, the Presto fan heater remains a popular choice for those looking for an affordable and efficient appliance to provide additional warmth and comfort during cold, winter months.

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