ptc fan heater dreo

ptc fan heater dreo

When winter season arrives, many people look forward to using a fan heater to keep their homes warm and cosy. A fan heater, more specifically referred to as a portable electric heater, is an affordable and reliable way to heat any space. They are not only energy efficient but they also provide a safe and effective means of giving warmth to rooms. The Dreo fan heater is a great choice for anyone looking for a quality fan heater that is both powerful and user-friendly.

The Dreo fan heater comes with two power settings, 1000w and 2000w, which can be used to adjust the output of the heater. It is equipped with a thermal cut-out feature, which automatically turns the heater off if it surpasses a certain temperature. This not only prevents the risk of fire but also helps to conserve energy by keeping the temperature of the heater consistent. The fan also has adjustable settings for its speed, which can be used to create a comfortable and efficient stream of hot air.

The Dreo fan heater is also equipped with a safety tip-over switch, which automatically stops the fan heater if it is accidentally tipped over. This ensures that no one is harmed in the process and prevents damage to the fan heater itself. The Dreo fan heater also has large, easy to read controls that can be used to adjust the temperature, power and speed settings with ease.

The heater’s design is primarily focussed on functional performance rather than aesthetics, with an angle of tilt that allows for easy and efficient delivery of hot air. The fan’s blades are also designed so as not to cause an irritating, high pitched sound when switched on, making it ideal for any home or office.

The Dreo fan heater is a great choice for anyone looking to keep their home or office warm during the coldest of winter months. It has a plethora of features such as adjustable power and temperature settings, a thermal cut-out and a tip-over switch for safety. It also has a simple design with easy to use controls that make it a great fit for any room. The Dreo fan heater is affordable, efficient and an ideal choice for anyone looking for a quality and reliable model.

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