ptc fan heater review

ptc fan heater review

The Tower PTC Fan Heater is an invaluable addition to any home or office space looking to enjoy a pleasant and regulated temperature during the colder months. With its sleek and modern design and the ability to tailor heat output to its surroundings, the Tower PTC Fan Heater is an all-in-one heating solution.

From the moment it is first unboxed, the Tower PTC Fan Heater is a pleasure to behold. Its elegant and slimline body is reminiscent of an iPhone, with a dust-resistant silver coating. Unusually for a fan heater, the Tower PTC Fan Heater also has a wonderfully stylish minimalistic control panel which is easy to operate. Its subtle beeps and dim LCD screen are warm reassurances that the fan is tracking and controlling the temperature correctly.

Unlike other fan heaters on the market, the Tower PTC Fan Heater has two heating settings. The first is an ‘Energy Saving’ mode which enables the fan to operate at a lower wattage, ideal for when lower temperatures are required and when cost savings are a concern. The second setting runs the fan at a higher wattage and is entitled the ‘Turbo’ setting. This option is perfect for when higher levels of invigorating heat are desired.

In addition to its two heat settings, the Tower PTC Fan Heater has an adjustable thermostat control which allows for further control of the appliance. With this feature, the user can adjust the temperature from 18°C to 32°C (64.4°F TO 89.6°F), enabling the fan to be tailored to a specific environment and allowing it to react to changes in temperature. The LCD display on the fan will inform the user of the current temperature within the room.

Once turned on, the fan itself is whisper quiet, ensuring that it will not disturb the inhabitants of any home or office space. Additionally, the Tower PTC Fan Heater’s fan blades are enclosed in a unique and original polystyrene foam body. This foam is sure to make the fan a safe addition to any home or office. It also provides peace of mind should the fan be used near children, as it is designed to insulate from sudden temperature changes.

When it comes to energy efficiency, the Tower PTC Fan Heater is a champion. According to tests conducted, the energy used by the fan over the course of an hour can range from 100 Watts to 1300 Watts, depending on the heat setting and the thermostat setting. In other words, it is a very energy efficient product, perfect for saving on energy bills as well as protecting the environment.

The price for this fan heater may at first seem a little high, considering the average price of a fan heater usually does not exceed normal amounts. However, due to its sleek design, two heat settings, thermostat control, energy efficiency and the fact that is it a very safe product, the Tower PTC Fan Heater is an incredibly great value compared to its competitors.

In conclusion, the Tower PTC Fan Heater is a fantastic all-in-one heating solution and an ideal purchase for those looking for an inexpensive yet stylish piece of heating kit. From its environmentally friendly components to its attractive design and useful features, the fan heater is sure to offer any room or office the perfect level of heat and comfort.

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