radiator heater vs fan heater

radiator heater vs fan heater

When it comes to staying cozy and warm in your home, there are a few heated appliance options available. Radiator heater and fan heaters, in particular, are two popular methods of comfort. Both provide warmth, but how might they compare? We’ll take a look at the differences and similarities between radiator and fan heaters to help decide which is best for you.

Radiator Heaters

Radiator heaters are usually powered by electricity but some may also be connected to a central heating system. They work by heating up the air through convection currents. The air is heated from the radiator’s water-filled cylinders and then released back into the room. This heating action is efficient, quiet, and is strong enough to heat a large area.

Radiator heaters are becoming increasingly popular due to their low-cost operations and safety advantages. They’re also highly efficient, meaning they don’t waste energy, like some other types of heaters. Finally, they’re not very large in size, making them great to store away when not in use.

Fan Heaters

Fan heaters are electric devices that channel warm air into the room via a fan or blower. They’re able to quickly heat an area due to the fan’s steady circulation. The consistent airflow is also quite pleasant, cooling you in the summer months as well.

One of the advantages of fan heaters is the higher level of control you have over temperature settings and airflow. Some come with configurable thermostats and some even have remote controls. With a fan heater, you can also move the heater to an adjacent room or corner, which isn’t possible with a radiator.

The only drawback is that fan heaters are likely to cost more in electricity compared to radiator heaters. While fan heaters are good at heating up a room quickly, they unsure to keep that heat at the same level of efficiency, meaning you may have to pay more to maintain a comfortable room temperature.


Both radiator and fan heaters are good at supplying warmth and relatively safe to use. They’re both energy efficient, in that they don't consume excessive power, and relatively cost effective to use too. Both types of heater come with the same basic feature set; meaning both come with their own control systems, either manual or digital.


The two types of heater differ in their initial setup. Radiator heaters are best used as part of a larger central heating system, while fan heaters don’t require connecting to a central heating system. Radiator heaters also tend to be larger and may require extra space in your home to install.

Similarly, radiator heaters are better at keeping a consistent temperature over the long term, while fan heaters can make rapid changes to the temperature. Due to the way the air circulates, fan heaters are able to heat a room much quicker than a radiator.


Radiator and fan heaters both have their merits, depending on their intended use. Those who would like to quickly heat a room, such as a bedroom, bathroom, or living room, might find that a fan heater is better. It’s quick to supply warmth and its features can be more easily tailored to specific needs.

Those who need a whole-house heating system, such as for a large family home, would likely find more benefit in a radiator system. Its strength lies in its ability to provide a consistent warmth throughout the house. If space and budget aren’t an issue, investing in a combination of both systems will ensure you get the best from both.

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