bathroom fan heater switch

bathroom fan heater switch



Bathroom fan heaters are a common ventilator-based heating solution for bathrooms, with built-in safety features to prevent it from overheating or becoming a fire hazard. Unlike a normal fan, bathroom fan heaters are designed to heat up the air within the bathroom as well as providing ventilation, which can be especially useful during the winter months. While these fan heaters come in a variety of designs and sizes, they all use a switch to control the operation of the fan and the heater.

What is a Bathroom Fan Heater Switch?

A bathroom fan heater switch is a double switch, most often a combination rocker-style switch, used to turn on and off the operation of the fan and heater of the bathroom fan heaters. The switch will typically have two positions, labeled “FAN” and “HEATER”, and a third, usually unmarked, off position. Depending on the model, the switch may also have a series of settings labeled with numbers or temperatures allowing the user to select a specific fan or heat setting.

The switch works by providing power to the fan and heater through the appropriate circuit. When the switch is in the off position, power to both circuits is turned off, while when in the “FAN” position, power is supplied to the fan only, and in the “HEATER” position, power is supplied to the heater only. The specific settings depend on the model, and may allow the user to select between a range of fan speeds and heat settings for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Advantages of Using a Bathroom Fan Heater Switch

Using a bathroom fan heater switch offers several advantages to the user. The most obvious benefit is convenience, as the switch allows the user to easily turn on and off both the fan and the heater, making it easier and less time consuming to adjust the settings to suit their needs. In addition to this, it offers added safety, as the user can easily turn off the fan and heater and prevent it from becoming a potential fire hazard. Finally, many models allow the user to select from a range of fan speeds and heat levels, giving them more control over the temperature of the bathroom.


Bathroom fan heaters are an important part of most households, providing a convenient and safe way to heat a bathroom while providing ventilation. The switch used to turn on and off operation of these fan heaters is a double switch, most often rocker-style, with two positions, one for the fan and one for the heater, and often a third, off position as well. This switch offers convenience and safety as it allows the user to easily turn on and off the fan and heater, while many also provide the user with selectable fan and heat settings to provide maximum comfort and efficiency.

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