stelpro wall fan heater

stelpro wall fan heater


Keeping warm in winter is a priority for many people, especially those living in colder climates. One of the more popular options for heating a room is the wall fan heater. Wall fan heaters are becoming increasingly popular as they are easy to install, quite efficient and take up relatively little space.

This article will focus on a particular wall fan heater: the Stelpro Wall Fan Heater. Stelpro is a Canadian company that specializes in wall fan heaters. We'll look at the features, benefits and drawbacks of the Stelpro Wall Fan Heater.


The Stelpro Wall Fan Heater is a clean and efficient electric wall-mounted heater. It is designed to heat larger areas of the home quickly and maintain a comfortable temperature. It is available in three models with various power levels that can range from 7,200 watts to 12,000 watts.

The heater is designed to be easy to install, requiring only a few basic tools. It is made of high-grade steel and has an attractive white finish. It comes with a remote control and has an easy-to-clean air filter for keeping the air in the room clean.


The Stelpro Wall Fan Heater has several advantages over other heating options. It is much more efficient than older heating systems, as it heats the room quickly and evenly. It is also relatively low-cost and requires little maintenance, as the filter is easy to clean and replace. The heater is also quite quiet, so it makes a good choice for bedrooms and other quiet areas.

The wall-mounted design is aesthetically pleasing, as it takes up very little space and doesn’t require any floor space. This makes it an ideal choice for smaller homes or those with limited space.


The Stelpro Wall Fan Heater does have some drawbacks. It is designed to be mounted to a wall, which means that it cannot be easily moved if the layout of the house changes. Additionally, it can be quite expensive to install, as it requires proper wiring and an electrician. Also, because it is electric, it is not suitable for off-grid homes that rely on alternative energy sources.


The Stelpro Wall Fan Heater is a great option for those looking to quickly and efficiently heat their homes. It is relatively low-cost, easy to install, and takes up minimal space. However, it does require some installation expertise and is not suitable for those who rely on alternative energy sources.

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