wall mounted bathroom fan heater

wall mounted bathroom fan heater


The use of a bathroom fan heater can help to enhance comfort levels within the bathroom, resulting in a more pleasant environment to spend time in. Such fan heaters come in a range of styles and sizes, and are often wall mounted, thus providing a neat finish. Wall mounted bathroom fan heaters play an important role in eliminating excess humidity and reducing the risks of mould and mildew, while supplying fast and powerful heating.

Benefits of a Wall Mounted Bathroom Fan Heater

There are a number of benefits associated with investing in a wall mounted bathroom fan heater. In comparison to traditional heaters, wall mounted fan heaters tend to provide more even and adjustable heat, as well as being more efficient in terms of energy usage. They also have the advantage that the heat can be directed to a specific area.

In terms of aesthetics, wall mounted fan heatersareappropriately located to provide minimal disruption to the bathroom space, adding to the aesthetics of theroom. Furthermore, theyareable to provide both an extractor fan and heater in one, offering great value and convenience.

Types of Wall Mounted Bathroom Fan Heaters

When it comes to choosing a wall mounted bathroom fan heater, it is important to consider a few key aspects, such as the size of the heater, heat output and function.

Size: Wall mounted fan heaters come in a variety of sizes to suit the space of thebathroom. Generally speaking, the size of the heater should be relative to the size of the bathroom. Too small a heater may not be powerful enough to provide effective heating, whereas larger models may be too powerful, wasting energy and leading to high running costs.

Heat Output: The next factor to consider is the heat output (often measured in kW) of the fan heater. The output should be based on the size of the bathroom and the amount of heat required. Generally, smaller bathrooms may require high power outputs, such as 2kW, while larger bathrooms may need only 1 – 2 kW.

Function: Lastly, the function should also be considered. Many wall mounted fan heaters come with additional features such as timers, adjustable thermostats and humidity sensors. Timers are especially helpful for ensuring the heater turns on and off at set times. Adjustable thermostats allow for adjustable temperature settings and control over the heater’s power level and heat output.Humidity sensors allow for the fan to operate when humidity rises, helping to reduce humidity and prevent mould.

Installation Process

When it comes to installing a wall mounted bathroom fan heater, it is important to follow the instructions supplied with the unit, as well as any local safety regulations. Before installation, the electric cable must be fixed securely and confirmed as safe.

First, a suitable area must be identified in which to mount the fan heater. Ideal locations may include alcoves, above windows or along an external wall. If the wall is rendered, it is best to use plugs and screws,whereas closetowall studwork requires nails. It is important to note that the heater must be mounted to the same wall as the bathroom extractor fan.

Once positioned and fastened, the electric cable must be wired into the fan, taking into account local safety regulations and utilizing appropriatefixes. For example, in the UK it is advised to use an approved 3-pin socket on an approved 20-amp ring main circuit.


A wall mounted bathroom fan heater is an excellent way to improve comfort levels within bathrooms, as well as contribute to energy efficiency. They come in a variety of designs, sizes and functions to match even the most specific requirements. When looking to install a wall mounted fan heater, it is important to consider key aspects such as heat output, size and function, and to follow any installation instructions and local safety regulations.

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