broan bathroom light fan heater

broan bathroom light fan heater

Introduction The Broan bathroom light fan heater is a vital appliance for your bathroom. It has the functions of a fan, light, and heater, which helps to maintain a comfortable and safe bathroom environment. This powerful three in one machine does a lot to protect your home from mold and mildew growth. With this device, you will be able to get your bathroom just the way you want it all year round.

Product Overview The Broan bathroom light fan heater is a versatile appliance that is designed to provide reliable heating and ventilation in a bathroom. It features a powerful motor that is capable of quietly supplying up to 150 CFM of air flow. The heater can generate up to 5000 BTUs to quickly ing the temperature of your bathroom to a comfortable level.

The device also features two LED lights with dimmers and a number of preset light settings, giving you the flexibility to customize the illumination in your bathroom and achieve the desired ambiance. Moreover, the fan has a humidity sensing feature which helps to improve air quality by automatically turning on and off when excess moisture is detected in the air.

Advantages and Benefits One of the main advantages of the Broan bathroom light fan heater is its versatility. With one appliance, you can get a source of both light and heat, rather than having to purchase and install separate products. Also, the heating and light functions can be customized to your liking, allowing you to tailor your bathroom environment to meet your needs.

The Broan bathroom light fan heater is also energy efficient. The appliance can be programmed to shut off when the desired temperature is reached, thus saving energy and preventing the unnecessary use of electricity. The device also includes a zone heating feature that helps to evenly distribute the heat throughout the room.

The fan also helps to improve air quality. The automatic humidity sensing feature helps to protect your bathroom from mold and mildew growth, while the powerful motor provides effective ventilation to prevent stale, unpleasant odors.


Installation of the Broan bathroom light fan heater is relatively straightforward. The device comes with detailed installation instructions, allowing even those with limited technical knowledge to install the fan without any problems. However, if you are unsure of the process, it is best to employ the services of a professional.

The fan should be installed in the ceiling in a space-saving spot. It should be securely attached to the joists and leveled in order to ensure proper performance. The fan requires a standard 110-115 volt 15 amp circuit for installation. The circuit should be protected by a ground fault interrupter (GFI) to ensure safety.

Conclusion The Broan bathroom light fan heater is a versatile and reliable appliance that is necessary for any bathroom. It is easy to install and provides plenty of benefits, from improved air quality and energy efficiency to better lighting and temperature control. With all its features, the fan is a great way to create the perfect atmosphere in your bathroom.

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