cabinet fan heater

cabinet fan heater


Cabinet fan heaters are convenient, cost-effective and versatile appliances used for space heating. The fan heater can warm a room quickly, typically within 10 minutes. Unlike other types of heaters, a cabinet fan heater takes up minimal space, allowing the user to conserve valuable floor area in their home or office. It is ideal for single rooms and small spaces, as well as larger spaces where wall or ceiling heaters or furnace systems are not practical.

This article will discuss: (1) the different types of cabinet fan heaters, (2) the features and advantages of cabinet fan heaters, (3) how to use a cabinet fan heater safely, and (4) common preventative maintenance.

Types of Cabinet Fan Heaters

Cabinet fan heaters are available in three main types: oil-filled, ceramic and quartz. Each of these types comes in various designs and feature various advantages.

Oil-filled heaters use an electrical element to warm oil which then provides warmth by convection currents. This type of heater is quieter and more energy-efficient than the other types, but can take a while to slowly warm up a room to desired temperature.

Ceramic heaters use ceramic plates as heating elements and are more efficient than oil-filled heaters, providing a faster warm-up. These are often cord controlled, allowing the user to turn their temperature on or off from any location in the room.

Quartz heaters use quartz elements to generate heat. These are the most powerful and efficient of the three types, and typically use metal-coated ceramic elements to quickly heat up a space. However, quartz heaters produce more noise, as the quartz elements viate quickly as they heat up.

Features and Advantages of Cabinet Fan Heaters

Cabinet fan heaters offer a range of features and advantages over other space heating solutions. Compact size, low cost and the ability to soar a room quickly are just some of the reasons why they are an attractive option.

Compact size: Cabinet fan heaters are designed to fit into small spaces, such as on a wall or corner of a room, without taking up much floor space. This makes them ideal for both small and large rooms, and can be used either as a primary heating source or as a supplemental heating source.

Low cost: The cost of a cabinet fan heaters is usually far lower than other space heating solutions that require extensive installation work, saving the consumer money.

Fast warm-up: Due to their reliance on a fan to circulate the warm air, cabinet fan heaters can warm a room in less than 10 minutes, far quicker than other types of heaters.

Safer operation: Most cabinet fan heaters have tip-over and over-heating protection, ensuring that the heater will automatically shut off if it is tipped over or the temperature becomes too high. This makes them an extremely safe option, even with children or pets in the house.

How to Use a Cabinet Fan Heater Safely

Although cabinet fan heaters are generally safe, as with all types of heaters, there are certain practices that should be adhered to when using one to maximise safety.

Never leave it unattended. Always switch off the fan heater when leaving the room to avoid any potential accidents or fires.

Never block the fan vent. Make sure the fan vent is not blocked by furniture, curtains or similar to ensure that the heater can run safely, and that the warm air is distributed evenly around the room.

Keep it away from combustible items. It is important to keep it a safe distance from any material that is flammable, such as curtains, furniture, clothing, etc.

Keep it clear of dust. For optimal performance and safety, the fan should be kept clean and free of dust and other combustible materials.

Common Preventative Maintenance

Just like all other heaters, cabinet fan heaters require regular maintenance to ensure that they continue to run safely and efficiently. The following steps should be taken to keep your fan heater in proper working order:

Regularly clean the fan. It is important to regularly clean out any dust and deis that may have built up in the fan, as it can cause the fan to overheat and create a fire hazard.

Check for any problems. Check for any visible signs of damage or malfunction, such as exposed wires, burning smells, etc. If any problems are found, immediately shut off the heater and contact a professional for help.

Check the power cord. If you notice any fraying or exposed wires on the power cord, or if the cord is warm to the touch, immediately unplug the heater and contact a professional for repairs.


Cabinet fan heaters are a convenient, cost-effective and safe way to quickly warm a space. They offer a range of features and advantages compared to other space heating solutions, such as compact size, low cost and fast warm-up. There are three main types of cabinet fan heaters, each with their own advantages. It is important to use a cabinet fan heater safely, following the manufacturer’s instructions and taking the necessary preventative measures to keep it in proper working order.

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