coil fan heater

coil fan heater

Introduction A fan coil heater is a heating system designed to keep various rooms in a comfortable temperature all year round. It combines both a fan and a heating element to evenly distribute warm air throughout the area. This type of system is commonly found in schools, offices and other commercial settings, but is also becoming increasingly popular in residential homes.

The most common type of fan coil heater is an indirect-fired heater, where the heating element is located outside of the room. A fan, usually attached to the top of the heater, then pulls air from outside and pushes the air through a series of pipes and vents which are located inside the room. This helps to not only evenly distribute the warm air throughout the room, but also helps to reduce moisture build up due to the air being circulated.

How does a Fan Coil Heater Work? A fan coil heater works by heating the air around it and circulating it throughout the room. When the fan is turned on, it pulls in cold air and passes it over a heating element, usually located in the outside of the unit. This element heats up the air and the fan then pushes this warmer air back into the room.

As the air passes through the room, it is dispersed throughout the area, helping to evenly warm the overall temperature. As the air is being heated, the moisture in the air is reduced, which helps to eliminate condensation and reduce humidity, which all helps to keep the room comfortable.

Benefits of a Fan Coil Heater There are several benefits to using a fan coil heater as opposed to other types of heating systems.

One of the biggest benefits is their ability to evenly heat a room. Since the heat is distributed by a fan, the temperature is kept constant throughout the area and the air temperature is not affected by external factors such as drafts or air flow from windows and doors. This makes it particularly useful in large buildings where it can be difficult to keep an even temperature.

Another key benefit of fan coil heaters is that they are relatively inexpensive. This is because the fan unit itself is much cheaper than a traditional boiler system and installation costs are low. Furthermore, fan coil heaters are energy efficient and require less energy to run than other types of heaters, helping to reduce energy bills.

Finally, fan coil heaters are easy to install and maintain. As they use relatively simple technology, they usually require minimal maintenance and are very reliable, meaning that they don’t require frequent repairs or servicing.

Conclusion Fan coil heaters are becoming increasingly popular as a method of keeping rooms warm due to their efficiency, affordability, and ease of installation and maintenance. Their ability to evenly distribute air throughout the room makes them ideal for commercial and residential environments alike and their energy efficiency makes them a great choice for those seeking to reduce their bills. All in all, fan coil heaters provide a reliable and cost-effective way of ensuring comfort throughout the year.

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