crofton oscillating fan heater

crofton oscillating fan heater

The Crofton Oscillating Fan Heater is a compact and efficient unit designed to quickly and accurately heat living spaces without taking up a lot of space. It is best used in small to medium-sized areas, as it does not require extensive ventilation to operate safely. This fan heater is ideal for use in a bedroom, living room, or office, as its quiet operation makes it a discreet yet effective heating option. It features a built-in oscillation mode that allows it to turn to the left and right in order to spread the heat more evenly throughout the surrounding area. This feature adds to the fan’s efficiency, by reducing the amount of hot spots on the floor and in the air.

The Crofton Oscillating Fan Heater has an adjustable thermostat and a safety cut-off switch that stops the fan heater from reaching dangerous temperatures. This safety feature can be especially useful for those who have pets or children, as it further reduces the risk of fire or burns. The fan has three settings—high, medium, and low—that allow the user to adjust the heat level depending on the type of environment they are in. It also has a manual control switch that allows for easy operation without having to use the remote control.

The Crofton Oscillating Fan Heater has a sleek and modern design, with sleek curves and textured black plastic housing. It is designed to be energy efficient, using only 750 watts of energy and operating at a maximum temperature of 95 degrees Celsius. This makes it one of the most efficient and cost effective fan heaters on the market. Additionally, it features two auto-shut off modes that reduce the risk of fires and other potential safety risks. It is made of durable materials and is designed to last long-term.

The Crofton Oscillating Fan Heater is a great choice for any home or office looking for an efficient and easy to use heating option. It can quickly and accurately heat any space, while at the same time reducing the risk of fires or burns. Its modern design and energy efficiency make it an ideal choice for those who are looking for an efficient and cost effective heating solution. It is easy to use and its energy saving design makes it the perfect choice for any home or office.

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