delonghi fan heater 2400w

delonghi fan heater 2400w

Delonghi Nanny 2400W Fan Heater

Delonghi is known for their high-quality appliances, and their Nanny 2400W fan heater is no exception. With it’s sleek and aesthetically pleasing design, efficient heating power and a range of user-friendly features, the Nanny is the perfect addition to any home.

The Nanny is a 2400W fan heater which can quickly and effectively heat up a room. You can choose between two temperature settings, 1000W and 2000W, to get the most out of the heater. The fan adjusts the temperature according to the thermostat at a pace of 15°C per minute. It also has an adjustable thermostat so you can easily set the desired temperature.

The Nanny features an easy-to-use control panel which provides the user with some of the advanced features of the fan heater. These include a timer to set the heater for up to 8 hours, a setting for eco mode to save energy, a child lock feature and a carry handle for easy transport. Additionally, the device has a 3D motion-activated protection system which stops the heater if it is knocked over.

In terms of safety, the Nanny comes with an overheat protection system which shuts down the device when it has been running for too long. This offers a degree of protection to avoid any risk of fire. Furthermore, the heater has an additional safety feature where the temperature does not exceed 45°C, to avoid any potential risk of being too hot for humans.

In conclusion, the Nanny 2400W fan heater from Delonghi is an ideal appliance for those who want a reliable and powerful heater for their home. It is an efficient and safe device that offers a range of features to make it as user-friendly as possible. With its aesthetically pleasing design and convenient features, the Delonghi Nanny fan heater is a great way to keep your home warm and toasty.

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