dyson fan heater filter

dyson fan heater filter


Dyson fan heaters are a revolution in home heating, offering powerful yet silent and efficient instant heat. Unlike noisy electric radiators, Dyson fan heaters cast an even and reassuring glow throughout the room. Their range of models and adjustable settings enable them to work in both small and large areas, while the sleek, contemporary designs add a modern touch to any room.

The unique technology used in Dyson fan heaters ensures maximum energy efficiency. This is partly due to the design of the fan, which is engineered to be exceptionally quiet and still able to provide powerful and evenly distributed heat. The fan is paired with a compressor and a filter, enabling cool air to be drawn in through the front and then rapidly heated and dispersed in all directions with a minimal noise level.

To maintain their efficiency, Dyson fan heaters need regular filter changes. The filter is located behind the fan and keeps dust, dirt, and other airborne particles from entering the fan, which would otherwise reduce performance and waste energy. Regular filter changes will ensure peak performance is maintained and the fan heater is then able to provide efficient, comfortable, and all-round controlled heating.

The Benefits of Installing a Filter in a Dyson Fan Heater

Installing a filter into a Dyson fan heater offers a range of benefits including:

Cleaner air – The filter helps to capture airborne particles, dust, and dirt before they can enter the fan, ensuring cleaner air is circulated around the room.

Increased efficiency – By filtering the air, the fan is able to operate more efficiently and the heating performance is improved. The fan is better able to maintain the desired temperature so that no energy is wasted.

Protection for the fan – A filter will help to protect the fan from becoming clogged with dust and dirt which could otherwise cause it to become noisy or overheat, leading to premature failure.

Improved Safety – Filters are also beneficial from a safety perspective as they help to remove any potentially hazardous particles from the air before it is heated.

How to Change a Filter in a Dyson Fan Heater

When the filter inside a Dyson fan heater needs changing, the procedure is typically quick and straightforward. Here’s a guide to the process:

1. Unplug the fan heater – Locate the power cord and unplug the fan heater from the wall socket. Leave the fan heater to cool down for at least 10 minutes before beginning maintenance.

2. Remove the filter – To access the filter, locate the front panel and remove the screws securing the panel. Pull the panel away to expose the fan and filter. Carefully remove the filter and set aside.

3. Insert the replacement filter – Take the new filter and slide it into position until it clicks into place. Ensure the filter is securely fitted and make sure the airflow is not hampered.

4. Replace the panel and screws – Place the front panel over the fan and filter and secure it into place with the screws removed earlier. Make sure the panel is correctly aligned.

5. Test the fan – Finally, plug the fan back into the socket. Turn on the fan and set it to the desired temperature. Check that the fan is working correctly, with no unusual noise or excessive heat produced.

Caring for the Filter in a Dyson Fan Heater

To ensure efficient and safe operation of the fan, it is important to change the filter when required. Over time, the filter will accumulate particles and eventually these will affect the efficiency of the fan. The filter should be changed at least every 6 months or whenever a noticeable drop in performance is experienced. Always replace the filter with a genuine Dyson filter as these are designed to fit the fan perfectly.

Once the filter has been replaced, it is also important to take steps to prevent dust and dirt from entering the fan. The fan and filter should be kept away from any source of dust, whilst also being regularly dusted and vacuumed. Whilst on, the fan should be kept pointed away from any dust-producing activities and the window should be left closed to limit the amount of outside air entering the room.


A filter is a vital component of a Dyson fan heater, ensuring the fan works efficiently and safely in order to deliver evenly distributed and comfortable heat. Regular filter changes ensure peak performance can be maintained and that the fan is able to provide efficient and effective heating. When the time comes to change the filter, the process is typically straightforward and requires no specialist tools. In addition, to ensure peak performance is maintained, it is recommended that steps are taken to reduce the amount of dust entering the room by keeping the fan and filter clean, away from any dust-producing activities, and by closing the window when the fan is on.

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