dyson fan heater purifier

dyson fan heater purifier

A Brief Guide to the Dyson Fan Heater Purifier

The Dyson Fan Heater Purifier combines two essential household appliances – a fan heater and an air purifier – into one unit, providing energy efficient heating with powerful air purification for a healthier living space. This article will explain the key features, the benefits and the downsides of this all-in-one product.

How it Works

The Dyson Fan Heater Purifier works by drawing air into the unit, where it is filtered and heated before being released back into the room. The unit has three settings – cooling, purifying and heating. On cooling mode, fan blades draw air in and expel it back out as a cool eeze. The purifying setting works by drawing air into the unit and then passing it through a filter to remove dust, pollen, allergens, pet dander and other harmful particles, before releasing the clean air back into the room. Heating mode combines the cooling and purifying into one setting – it draws the air in, purifies it and then the fan blades convert it into heated air, which is released back into the room.


• Energy efficiency – the Dyson Fan Heater Purifier is designed to be energy efficient, using heat generated from the fan blades and a thermostat to regulate the temperature. This means that you’ll save money and energy in the long run when compared to other heating and cooling options.

• Power – the powerful fan blades are designed for maximum air flow, allowing for quick and thorough cooling and heating. The powerful purifying filter ensures the air is clean and free from allergens and other irritants.

• Space-saving – combining a fan heater and air purifier into one unit and mounting it to the wall or ceiling, frees up space in the home.


• Price – the Dyson Fan Heater Purifier is more expensive than purchasing a fan heater and an air purifier separately.

• Installation – depending on the type of wall or ceiling you’re mounting it to, you may need to get a professional to install the unit.

• Noise – while the fan blades are powerful and effective, they can be quite noisy, especially at their highest settings.

Overall, the Dyson Fan Heater Purifier is a great option for those looking for an energy-efficient, space-saving and powerful all-in-one solution to heating and purifying their home. It does come with a higher price tag and may be louder than some would like, but for many it is an excellent choice for creating a healthier, more comfortable living space.

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