dyson fan heater repair

dyson fan heater repair

Dyson Fan Heater Repair: A Comprehensive Guide

Dyson fan heaters are one of the most popular and reliable heaters on the market, but like all heaters, they can suffer from faults from time to time. Thankfully, more often than not, these issues can be easily fixed with some simple DIY repairs. In this guide we will cover the most common problems and how to repair them.

Not Working or Loss of Suction

The most common issue that owners experience with these heaters is loss of suction or the fan simply not working. If you have an older model, not wired in to the mains, chances are that you need to replace the batteries. Many users don’t realize they may need to replace the batteries after a certain period of time and they are not a requirement when first installing the heater.

If the fan is not working or suction is lost after replacing the batteries, then in most cases this is due to blocked filters or an accumulation of dirt and deis which can prevent it from working efficiently. To fix this, the filter needs to be cleaned with a cloth or vacuumed and you may need to do this several times for the fan to start working again.

Lack of Heat Output

If the fan is working smoothly and providing suction, but is not providing enough heat, then there could be a few different underlying problems. The most likely is a lack of fuel or a blocked fuel pump. Check that the fuel tank is still full and that there are no signs of any blockages with the fuel pump. In some instances and older models, the heat exchanger may need to be replaced if it is rusty or showing signs of corrosion.

If you are having problems with the flame not staying lit, then this could be a sign of low oxygen levels or a faulty pressure switch. Check the levels of oxygen and if they are fine, then the pressure switch may need to be replaced.

No Air Flow

If the fan is not providing any air flow, then in most cases this is a sign of clogged or blocked vents or ducts. These vents can get blocked with dirt and dust and need to be cleaned frequently to ensure that air can still flow freely. This can be done with a cloth or vacuum cleaner and may take some time, as you will need to trace all of the vents and check that they are not blocked.

Tilting Fan

The Dyson fan heaters have a tilting fan base which can become faulty over time, if this happens the fan will rock side to side or even tip up and down when it is switched on. To repair this issue you will need to remove the base and re-adjust the springs. This can be done by first loosening the screws which hold the base in place and then adjusting the tension to your preferred level.


As you can see, there are a variety of different issues which can arise from time to time with your Dyson fan heater, but with the correct knowledge and some basic DIY repairs, you can usually fix most problems with ease. In this article, we have covered the most common issues experienced with these heaters and how to repair them. If you feel uncomfortable when it comes to DIY repairs and maintenance, then it is always recommended that you use an experienced professional for future repairs.

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