dyson pure hot cool purifier fan heater

dyson pure hot cool purifier fan heater

Dyson Structured Impulses of Hot and Cool Air—the Ultimate All-Purpose Home Appliance

Dyson’s Pure Hot+Cool Link is an innovative, hi-tech appliance that adds the convenience of temperature control and air purification to the comfort and convenience of a fan heater. The fan heater has the ability to adjust temperatures in one’s home, an ability few products have historically included. The fan heater blasts structured air of the specific temperatures one sets, eliminating scattered and uneven air flow patterns from traditional heating and cooling devices.

The unique product has been uniquely crafted with a built-in air purifier, making it effective in cleaning more pollutants from the air than a traditional fan heater. It also schedules conversions for regular air cleaning throughout the day. Not only does it clean air, as it purifies, it pulls contaminated air and allergens through a built-in air filter, absorbing them and keeping them far away from the person utilizing the device. It helps to efficiently remove 99.95% of the pollens, allergens, mold and other unwanted particles found in the air.

In addition to its energy-efficient design, the Pure Hot+Cool Link has a most impressive design. It blends seamlessly with nearly any home décor. It has an ultra-sleek, matte white finish and stands just over two feet tall. The filtering and cooling components are housed in discreet, hidden compartments which are not visible to the eye. All of the noise emitted from the fan is dampened to a nearly silent whisper, providing comfortable and distraction-free air control.

The heats and cools the room faster and uses 70% less energy than traditional heating and cooling systems. It’s the result of Dyson’s unique technology – the same technology found in their revolutionary bladeless fans; the same technology used in cooling your phone or laptop. The combination of airflow and science is what makes Pure Hot+Cool Link so well rounded, efficient and powerful.

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link is easily controlled through the app, voice control or even the remote control included in the package. With the app, the user gets access to detailed air quality readings and other features. It also connects to the internet and is capable of alerting the user if the air needs to be purged of pollutants.

The hot and cool air produced by the fan heater are powered by the patented Air Multiplier technology, providing powerful and continuous streams of air while drawing in surrounding air to circulate and filter it simultaneously.

When it comes to convenience, few of its competitors can match the Pure Hot+Cool Link. All its features are easily navigated via its LCD touchscreen display, giving the user access to the fan speed, temperature and air purifier control. It’s a highly efficient and convenient option for keeping any room in the home at the perfect temperature and air quality.

In the end, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link is a sleek, high-performance appliance that equips one with unparalleled convenience and comfortability. It’s a technological marvel that incorporates intelligence and efficiency, greatly improving the user's experience. It’s the perfect choice for creating the ideal, comfortable and healthy home environment.

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