efficient fan heater

efficient fan heater


As much as people love a cozy and warm living room, many are still wary of the high cost associated with it. The majority of conventional heaters enable comfort and warmth, however, the large ones used for bigger spaces or whole houses consume a lot of energy and therefore incur high electricity costs.

As technology advances, so does the energy efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Among them, the most efficient are fan heaters. These fast-acting devices are more energy efficient than other conventional heating systems, while taking up minimal space in comparison.

This guide takes an in-depth look at fan heaters – how they function, how energy efficient they are and how to choose the best one for your needs.

What Are Fan Heaters and How Do They Work?

Fan heaters are a type of heater run on electricity. Inside this small, attractive device is a metal casing with a heating element and a fan. Fan heaters use the principle of convection to heat a room quickly and evenly. They automatically turn off when the desired temperature is achieved, saving energy and costs.

When you turn on a fan heater, the fan inside the casing begins to rotate, blowing air inside the metal housing onto the heating element. This element heats up and, when the desired temperature is achieved, starts to radiate heat. The fan continues to draw in colder air from the outside and pass it over the heated surface to warm it up. The heated air is then circulated through the room, and the unit turns off automatically when the desired temperature is reached, thus avoiding over-heating.

Benefits of Fan Heaters

The main advantage of fan heaters is that they are efficient, fast-acting and offer energy savings. They are designed to respond quickly to changing temperatures, emitting heat within the shortest possible time due to their quick action. This means that you don’t have to keep the heater running all day to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room, helping you to save energy and money.

Another significant benefit of fan heaters is their small size and convenience. They are portable, can be moved easily and require no installation, unlike more traditional heating systems. Most fan heaters are designed to fit on shelves, tables or any other flat surface, freeing up vital floor space in the room.

Fan heater also offers a degree of energy efficiency that is greater than traditional, larger units. Since they take up a relatively small area, less energy is wasted in heating the space around the device, thus helping to reduce overall energy consumption.

Are Fan Heaters Efficient?

Yes, fan heaters are more efficient and energy-saving than traditional heating systems. In addition, they deliver more evenly distributed warmth in less time, using up to 35% less power than traditional heating systems. The benefit of increased heating efficiency is that it also translates into lower energy bills.

The efficiency of fan heaters also depends on the wattage rating of the heater. As a general rule, higher wattage ratings indicate higher efficiency. The higher the wattage, the more energy is available for quick and effective heating, allowing you to save more money in the long run.

How to Select a Fan Heater

1. Consider the size of the space you wish to heat – Before purchasing a fan heater, you should take into account the size of the area you want to heat. For smaller rooms, a smaller fan heater with a lower wattage rating is usually sufficient. On the other hand, larger areas will require a more powerful fan heater with a higher wattage rating.

2. Think about the features you want – There are various features available in fan heaters that you may want to consider such as temperature control, timer settings and safety features. Temperature control allows you to set the desired temperature and the fan heater will automatically switch off when the temperature is achieved. A timer setting allows you to set the number of hours you want the fan heater to run for and it will turn off automatically when the allotted time has expired. Safety features such as an overheat protection or automatic shutoff function can be useful.

3. Consider the design – Fan heaters come in a range of designs and colour finishes to match your decor. Choose a design that you like to complement your interior.


Fan heaters offer a great combination of both style and efficiency, becoming the go-to option for many people. Not only are fan heaters more efficient than conventional heating systems, but they are also more affordable, fast-acting and portable. When selecting a fan heater for your home, consider the size of the room, the features you want and the design of the fan heater. With a bit of research and planning, you can much easily pick the best fan heater to fit your needs.

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