air king bathroom fan heater

air king bathroom fan heater


The Benefits of an Air King Bathroom Fan Heater

Bathroom fan heaters are a great way to keep bathrooms warm and comfortable in colder months. Not only do they warm the air in the room, but they also help reduce humidity to keep the air dry even when the temperature drops. An Air King bathroom fan heater is a powerful combination of fan and heater, perfect for those cold winter mornings. Here’s why it’s such a great choice for your bathroom.


You must prioritize safety when selecting any kind of heater for your bathroom. And, with Air King, safety comes first. Their bathroom fan heaters come complete with a thermal shut-off switch, ensuring that your heater turns off automatically if it becomes too hot. Air King also uses unique heating elements which are entirely sealed across the interior of the unit. This means that no moisture can enter the heating elements and cause a potential fire hazard.


The Air King bathroom fan heater is designed to be both a fan and a heater in one unit. It uses a 6” diameter fan to circulate air throughout the room, while the two-speed blower ensures that warm air is spread evenly around the area. The fan has a rotation speed of 600-1300 rpm, providing you with more control over the amount of heat and air you get from the heater.


The Air King bathroom fan heater is designed for easy installation. It comes with mounting ackets and a wall-mounting plate for a secure fix, and all of the necessary wiring with colour-coded wires for easy connection to a wall switch. This means that you don’t need an electrician to install it for you, saving you time and money.


Air King bathroom fan heaters are designed for efficiency. They come with adjustable thermostats and have an energy saving mode which helps to reduce your utility bills while still providing a comfortable temperature in your bathroom. The pre-installed One-Eighty timer automatically turns off the heater after a set amount of time, helping to reduce your energy bills further.


The Air King bathroom fan heater is a surprisingly affordable option. It’s available at a range of price points, depending on the size, model and features you want. This makes it a great choice for tight budgets, but it’s still a powerful and efficient heater.

The Air King bathroom fan heater is a great choice to keep your bathroom warm during the winter. Its fan and heater provide you with powerful air circulation, keeping the air dry and comfortable, and its safety features provide peace of mind. It’s also efficient and easy to install, making it an affordable option for any bathroom. So, why not invest in an Air King bathroom fan heater and help make your winter mornings just a little bit warmer?

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