electric fan heater or oil filled radiator

electric fan heater or oil filled radiator


The winter months can be harsh, with dropping temperatures ushering in a chill that turns even the warmest house into a cold, intimidating place. It is essential for homeowners to have a reliable source of heat to keep the chill away, and when it comes to heating a home efficiently and effectively, few options are better than an electric fan heater or an oil filled radiator.

Both of these products provide good solutions for heating a room, with fans providing a directed, high power blast of warmth while oil filled radiators spread warmth throughout the room over a long period of time. Choosing between these two options can be difficult, as each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. This article will explore the features of electric fan heaters and oil filled radiators in more detail and review the advantages and disadvantages of each in order to help readers make the most informed decision for their home's heating needs.

Electric Fan Heaters

Electric fan heaters, often referred to simply as fans, are a type of electric heater that use a fan to blow warm air through a room. They are a popular option for many homeowners due to their affordability, wide availability, and ease of use. Additionally, fans are easily portable and can be moved from one room to another with minimal effort; this makes them a great option for people who need a heater for a specific, relatively small space.

Electric fan heaters come in two main varieties: convection and radiant. Convection fans use an internal fan to blow warmed air around the room. Radiant fans, on the other hand, use a coil to generate heat, which is then spread around the room by the fan. Both of these types of fans provide efficient and effective heating, however, convection fans tend to be more expensive since they require more electricity to power the fan's motor.

The main advantage of electric fan heaters is that they are fast and efficient at heating a room, providing quick and powerful relief from the cold. Fans can be set to a specific temperature, allowing users to control the warmth of a room. Their portability also makes them great for people who live in small spaces, such as apartments, or for people who need to take a heater with them when travelling.

That being said, electric fan heaters do have some drawbacks. For one, they are more expensive to run than oil filled radiators, making them a pricier option for long-term use. Additionally, electric fan heaters can be noisy, with some of the more powerful models reaching decibel levels similar to that of a vacuum cleaner. Finally, electric fans are also not as efficient at retaining heat, meaning they will require more electricity over time to keep a room warm.

Oil Filled Radiators

Oil filled radiators, also known as oil heaters, are a popular form of electrical heating. As their name suggests, they are filled with oil which acts as a heat retention medium and heats the surrounding air. Oil filled radiators have been on the market for decades and due to their effectiveness, affordability, and ease of use, they remain a popular choice for people seeking a reliable and cost effective heating solution.

Oil filled radiators are far more efficient than electric fan heaters, requiring less electricity to operate and providing a steady, even warmth throughout the room. Furthermore, they are equipped with silent thermostats that regulate the temperature of the room, meaning that they will run at the user set temperature regardless of how cold it is outside. Moreover, since they use oil as a heat retention medium, oil filled radiators will be able to keep a room warm long after they are turned off, meaning that they are ideal for people who need a low maintenance, long lasting source of heat.

On the downside, oil filled radiators are far less powerful than electric fan heaters, meaning that they will be less effective at providing an immediate blast of warmth during very cold spells. Additionally, they are not as portable as electric fans, meaning that they are best suited for people who are looking for a more permanent solution for their home’s heating needs.


Overall, both electric fan heaters and oil filled radiators provide viable solutions for homeowners looking for an efficient and reliable source of heat. Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to the consumer to decide which product best suits their needs. Those in need of a fast, powerful, and relatively inexpensive solution should go with an electric fan heater, while those who require a low-maintenance source of steady warmth should opt for an oil filled radiator. Ultimately, both products provide great value and are sure to provide reliable heat for years to come.

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