electric fan heater outdoor

electric fan heater outdoor

Outdoor electric fan heaters are becoming increasingly popular for people who enjoy spending time outdoors when it's cold outside. Whether you're looking to heat up your porch, patio, or other outdoor entertainment area, an outdoor electric fan heater can be an excellent way to keep the cold and chill away. Not only are electric fan heaters great for outdoor entertaining and activities, but they are also an affordable and efficient way to heat up outdoor sports or outdoor workshops. Fans allow heated air to push beyond the enclosing walls of a building, providing a comfortable warmth that extends out into the open air. In this article, we will look at some of the benefits of using an outdoor electric fan heater, how they work and how they compare to other types of heaters.

Advantages of Outdoor Electric Fan Heaters

The first and foremost advantage of using a electric fan heater outdoors is their convenience. Not only are they easy to install and operate, but they also don’t need to be installed like some other outdoor heaters - no ductwork, no chimneys, and no complicated wiring requirements. They also provide instant heat, with the ability to quickly heat up to the desired temperature. Electric fan heaters also provide a clean form of heating, with no burning of fuels such as wood or gas. This also helps to reduce one's carbon footprint and is therefore much more eco-friendly.

Due to their use of electricity, electric fan heaters are seen as a cheaper form of heating in comparison to other types of heaters such as gas, propane, and wood. Electric fan heaters also require very little maintenance and don't have a lengthy installation process. Finally, electric fan heaters are extremely practical and highly portable - great for if you plan on hosting events in different locations or need to quickly warm up an area.

How Electric Fan Heaters Work

Electric fan heaters work by using a powerful fan to circulate the heated air towards the desired destination. The fan is usually a ceramic disk or propeller-like device that is covered by a grill and is fed with power through an electric cord. The fan blades rotate when switched on and the air passes through the heated element in the fan's center. The heater then pulls in the surrounding air and distributes the heated air throughout the space.

Electric fan heaters come in several different varieties depending on the type of heating element. The most common types are convection and radiant heaters. Convection heaters are the most common type of electric fan heaters and use either ceramic or metal components to conduct the heat or air over a given area. Radiant heaters also use electricity but instead of searching for warm air, they produce infrared rays that directly heat up their surroundings.

How Do Electric Fan Heaters Compare To Other Types Of Heaters

When it comes to outdoor heating, electric fan heaters have a number of advantages over other types of outdoor heaters. Electric fan heaters are far cheaper to operate and are usually more efficient than gas and propane heaters. Furthermore, they don’t require a flue or chimney and can be easily moved around as needed.

However, electric fan heaters aren’t suitable for larger outdoor spaces as they only provide heat in the immediate area. They also usually produce less heat than gas or propane heaters and require electricity, meaning they won’t work during a power cut.


Outdoor electric fan heaters provide an easy and efficient way to heat outdoor entertainment or sports areas during cold weather. Their portable nature, convenience and affordability make them a great choice for those looking for an outdoor heater. They are also eco-friendly as they don’t burn oxygen and require very little maintenance. However, electric fan heaters may not be suitable for larger outdoor areas as they can’t cover as much space and don’t provide as much heat as gas or propane heaters.

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