fan heater bathroom wall mounted

fan heater bathroom wall mounted


Wall mounted bathroom heaters, also known as fan heaters, are a great way to quickly warm up the wall area of a small bathroom. With the right model, you can enjoy a warm, even temperature in a few minutes. This article explains the main benefits of having a bathroom fan heater and explores the different types of wall mounted bathroom heaters on the market.


Wall mounted heaters provide a number of benefits in a bathroom environment. They are an energy efficient way to heat a small space as they provide targeted warmth only to the areas that need it. The compact size of fan heaters also ensures that the heater won’t take up much valuable floor space. Furthermore, wall mounted bathroom heaters are quieter than some conventional radiator systems, making them suitable for use in a bedroom or study. Finally, many wall mounted bathroom heaters feature multiple heat settings and adjustable temperature controls, giving you complete control over the temperature in your bathroom.

Types of Wall Mounted Bathroom Heaters

When it comes to wall mounted bathroom heaters there are several different types to choose from. Each type has its own benefits and features which should be taken into consideration when making your purchase. The most common types include oil-filled, ceramic, halogen and electric bathroom heaters.

Oil-Filled Wall Mounted Bathroom Heaters

Oil-filled bathroom heaters are a great way to heat a small bathroom space. An integrated fan circulates the pre-heated oil around the room to provide a gentle, consistent warmth. These heaters are energy efficient and relatively quiet, making them ideal for use in bedrooms.

Ceramic Wall Mounted Bathroom Heaters

Ceramic bathroom heaters are inexpensive but powerful heating solutions that use electric coils to generate heat. They are designed for quick heating and can be used on both the wall and the floor. Ceramic heaters are good for those who don't need a steady temperature throughout the bathroom and are a good choice for those on a budget.

Halogen Wall Mounted Bathroom Heaters

Halogen bathroom heaters use infrared radiation to produce a warm, comfortable heat. They are more efficient than other types of bathroom heaters as they only heat the people in front of them and not the entire room. This makes them a great option for small bathrooms and bedrooms.

Electric Wall Mounted Bathroom Heaters

Electric heaters are the most powerful type of bathroom heater and require hardwired installation. They have adjustable temperature controls and multiple fan speeds, allowing you to adjust the heat according to your needs. Electric bathroom heaters are ideal for large bathrooms that require a steady temperature throughout.


Wall mounted bathroom heaters are a great way to quickly heat up a small bathroom space. There are several types of bathroom heaters on the market ranging from affordable oil-filled models to powerful electric heaters. No matter which type of heater you choose, you can rest assured that it will provide a steady temperature and comfortable atmosphere for your bathroom.

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