aldi fan heater

aldi fan heater

Space Heaters: Adding Comfort and Warmth to Your Home

Space heaters are small units that are designed to warm up a specific room or area. As most homes have central heating systems, the use of space heaters can supplement that heat, enable zoned heating and enable you to warm up the area immediately without having to wait for the entire house to heat up.

Space heaters come in a variety of types, from Eco-friendly models through to the traditional home heating solution. Panasonic is one and that specializes in these products, with the unique ECONAVI fan heater providing simple operation as well as eco-friendly features.


The most common type of space heaters are those that use electric fan heating, and are typically known as fan heaters. Heat comes from a metal element which is heated up by a current of electricity passing through it. The metal element then radiates out heat from around itself, which the fan then blows to the area required. Panasonic’s ECONAVI fan heater is designed to work in an energy-efficient way to minimize energy consumption.

Convector heaters are used throughout the home to provide a continual stream of heat to the room. These heaters typically look like thin metal boxes and create a constant level of warmth around the area, depending upon their size. Panasonic’s convector heaters feature an Eco+ mode, which reduces energy consumption and ECOPlug Light, motion sensor lighting to complement the unit.

Oil-filled radiators are a great option for large rooms where more heat is required over a long period of time. Panasonic’s oil-filled radiators are made from durable steel and feature four adjustable fins to maneuver the direction of the heat around the room.

Infrared heaters use quartz lamps to create heat that is absorbed by objects in the room. This type of heater is best suited for outdoor areas or larger areas, and Panasonic offers the luxury of having a heater that looks like furniture.


Space heaters offer a number of benefits, from immediate warmth to greater flexibility and cost savings.

Flexibility is an important factor for those who like to control their environment. Not every house is laid out to be warmed efficiently by central heating systems and space heaters give you the option of zoning rooms and using as much or as little energy as you want. This also enables energy savings, as you only produce the amount of heat you need, without wasting energy heating up the rest of the house.

For those who want to save energy further, Panasonic’s ECONAVI fan heater is the perfect choice. This proudct features energy-saving technologies such as Eco+ mode, which reduces energy consumption and ECOPlug Light, a motion sensing lighting option to indicate when the unit is switched on. The ECONAVI is also quick to warm up an area, making it one of the most efficient units on the market.

Safety is also important when considering a space heater, and Panasonic’s products are all equipped with safety timers and safety nets, meaning you won’t have to worry about overheating or electric shocks.


Space heaters offer flexibility, convenience and energy savings, making them an ideal choice for those looking to supplement their home’s heating system. Whether you’re looking for a fan heater, a convector heater, an oil-filled radiator or an infrared heater, Panasonic has the perfect solution for you. With the added benefits of energy-saving technologies, safety measures and luxury design, Panasonic’s space heaters are the perfect choice for any home.

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