fan heater fire

fan heater fire

Heater fires are a great way to keep your home warm and cozy during winter or even during relatively chilly nights throughout the year. But any combustion device, no matter how small and ordinary, also presents a risk of fire. For this reason, it is vital to take certain precautions when using a space heater in order to minimize the potential for a fire-related disaster.

First, always be sure to place your heater away from materials that can burn. This includes drapes, furniture, paper and other combustible materials. Keep in mind that these materials also get hot when in close proximity to the heater and thus should be kept a minimum of three feet away. Care should be taken not to place combustible materials near the heater, even if the space is otherwise empty. If a space heater is placed in a bedroom, ensure that the heater is not in the same room as anything flammable. Heaters in bathrooms should also be kept away from the shower curtain and other flammable items.

Also, never place a space heater on carpets, rugs, curtains or on furniture. All these items can catch fire quickly. Use a 3-legged table, chair or stool specifically designated for the space heater. Make sure that you inspect the space every once in a while to see if any flammable substances are being left next to the heater.

When using a space heater with cords, check the cord for any damage periodically. Rubbing and chafing of the cord can cause it to short, as can exposure to water or chemicals. Look also for signs of extreme heating of the cord, as this can demonstrate that a short is imminent. Any damaged cord should be discarded immediately and replaced with a fresh one.

If you purchase a new space heater, check for the safety certification seal. Heaters that meet safety regulations are less likely to present a fire hazard. Always read the instruction manual before setting up the heater and using it, to ensure that all safety recommendations are followed.

In addition, use common sense in terms of how much you rely on your space heater when it is on. Never go to bed with a space heater on and never place a space heater in an area where it will be left unattended. Make sure to purchase a heater that has an automatic shutoff so that if the heater does overheat or is knocked over, it will automatically turn off.

Finally, make sure to use an appropriate power source when running your heater. If the plug is too hot when the heater is in use, unplug it and do not use it until an experienced electrician has inspected it. Be sure to use a circuit eaker that is specifically designed to run the heater. Do not exceed the wattage rating of the heater and never link multiple extension cords or power strips to it.

By taking these simple steps, you can help ensure that your space heater remains a safe and reliable source of heat, and will help keep your home warm and cozy all season long.

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