am09 fan heater review

am09 fan heater review

The Vornado VH2 AM09 Vortex Fan Heater is one of the best fan heater on the market today. It boasts a sleek design, powerful heating and advanced features that make it stand out from the crowd. The VH2 is perfect for those looking to add a modern touch to their home while also enjoying a high-performance heating experience.

The VH2 fan heater utilizes Vornado's patented Vortex Technology to quickly and evenly heat a room with up to 1,500 watts of power. Unlike traditional fan heaters, the VH2 produces a powerful vortex circulation pattern to both warm and evenly distribute heat throughout the room. The heater also has a multi-speed fan setting, allowing users to adjust the temperature, as well as an Eco setting. This eco feature can save up to a quarter of the energy typically consumed by fan heaters.

The VH2 features a sophisticated design that looks remarkably modern. It is compact and wall-mountable, making it perfect for tight spaces. The VH2 also features an adjustable thermostat for precise temperature control, and two heat settings (low and high). The heater is equipped with an automatic safety shut-off and cool-touch housing for added safety.

The Vornado VH2 AM09 Vortex Fan Heater is among the most powerful and efficient fan heaters available. It features a sleek, modern design, excellent performance, and advanced features. Whether you want to keep your bedroom warm during cold nights, or create a cozy living room in minutes, the VH2 is a great choice.

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