fan heater vs electric radiator

fan heater vs electric radiator

Heating your home can be complex, with several different types of appliances available to individuals depending on their specific needs. Two elements which often appear in this decision-making process are fan heaters and electric radiators, which have become popular options for heating both residential and commercial buildings alike.

Each appliance offers distinct benefits and drawbacks, which can be particularly important to consider when it comes to finding the right type of heating system to install in your home. In this article, we will look at the differences between fan heaters and electric radiators, and the pros and cons of each.

What Is A Fan Heater?

A fan heater is an electrical appliance which is used to heat rooms. Generally, fan heaters comprise a heating element, a fan which allows for the circulation of warm air throughout the room, and a temperature control system.

The way that a fan heater works is via convective heat. Air is taken in by the fan from the surrounding room, pulled past the heating element, and then released back into the room as warm air. Meanwhile, a fan-assisted heating system offers an additional benefit over traditional convective heaters in that it is able to disperse warm air much quicker than a heating element alone.

What Is An Electric Radiator?

An electric radiator is a standalone heating unit which does not rely on any other electrical appliance for its operation. Electric radiators are often marketed as being a much more efficient and targeted form of heating than fan heating, as they can produce heat which is more slowly released, rather than dispersed quickly over a wide area as with a fan heater.

Typically, electric radiators consist of several aluminium or steel heating plates which are often referred to as panels or fins. As the room temperature drops, the plates heat up, thus releasing the heat into the surrounding room.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fan Heaters

Fan heaters are becoming increasingly popular in both residential and commercial settings, due to the rapid and efficient nature of the appliance. Fan heaters are also usually much more affordable to purchase than electric radiators.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of fan heaters is that they can take some time to heat a room. Unlike electric radiators which are able to maintain a steady temperature on the inside, fan heaters use up more energy as they continuously run until the selected temperature is achieved. Additionally, the warm air produced by fan heaters is more prone to drafts and draughts, meaning that any fluctuation in the air temperature will be more noticeable.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Radiators

Electric radiators have become an increasingly popular form of heating in recent years. Radiators are often seen as being much more efficient than fan heaters, as they are able to provide a steady temperature and maintain this over time without constant heating cycles, meaning that fuel and energy costs can be reduced.

However, electric radiators also come with some drawbacks. As previously mentioned, radiators are usually more expensive than fan heaters, and can also take some time to reach the desired temperature. Furthermore, many electric radiators are attached to the wall, meaning that they are prone to be blocked by furniture and other items.


When it comes to deciding between a fan heater and an electric radiator, there are several factors to consider. Fan heaters are rapid and efficient, but are more prone to draughts and fluctuations in temperature. On the other hand, electric radiators have become an increasingly popular choice, as they are able to provide steady heating and eliminate the need for constant heat cycles. Ultimately, it is important to consider the specific requirements of your home and the environment before making a decision on the best appliance to invest in.

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