fan heater vs space heater

fan heater vs space heater


In today’s competitive world, the market for heating solutions is full of options. As a homeowner, you have the choice between fan heaters and space heaters. Although these two heating options offer different levels of warmth, they both have a place in the market. So, which one is right for you? This article aims to explain the differences between fan heaters and space heaters, giving you a better understanding of each type in order to help you make the right decision for your home.

What Is a Fan Heater?

A fan heater is a type of portable electric heating device. It uses an inbuilt fan to draw air into the appliance and then disperse it through a heating element. As the air passes over this element, it is heated and blown out into the room. This type of heater is relatively inexpensive and is usually small and lightweight, making it a great solution for those looking for a quick and easy way to warm a single room.

The main advantage of fan heaters is their portability. You can easily move them around to wherever you need them, as long as there is an electrical outlet nearby. This makes them ideal for those living in smaller homes or anyone who likes to switch up their heating system seasonally. They are also easy to store away when they are not in use.

However, the heating element of a fan heater is less effective than other types of portable heater, meaning that it can take a while for a room to become warm to its desired temperature. On the plus side, fan heaters can be set to a timer setting, allowing you to pre-heat a room before you need it.

What Is a Space Heater?

A space heater is a larger, more powerful version of a fan heater. It is designed to heat a specific area or room, rather than the whole house, and is typically better at providing consistent warmth throughout a space.

Unlike fan heaters, which are powered by electricity, space heaters are powered either by electricity, oil, kerosene or gas. This makes them the ideal choice for larger areas and those who need to heat their entire home. They are also a more cost-effective option than electric fan heaters, especially when it comes to heating larger areas or whole rooms.

However, space heaters can be dangerous if they are not used correctly or not installed to the appropriate safety standards. As such, they require more maintenance and care, as well as professional installation. They are also far less portable than fan heaters and so cannot be moved around a room as easily.


Overall, fan heaters and space heaters both offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to which one is best for you, it all depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you want a small, portable heater to warm up a single room quickly and conveniently, then a fan heater is the perfect choice. However, if you want a larger, more powerful heater that can heat multiple rooms, then a space heater is the better option. Whichever one you choose, make sure you read up on how to use and maintain it safely to get the most out of it!

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