fan heater woolworths

fan heater woolworths


Woolworths is one of the largest retailers in Australia, having been around since the early 1920s. As technology has advanced and changed the way that we shop and live, Woolworths has moved with the times and now offer a range of products and services to suit an ever-changing consumer base. One of these products is the Woolworths Heater, or Fan Heater as it is sometimes known.

This product is a portable electric heating system that is perfect for use in small spaces. It has been designed to look just like a traditional fan, but with added heating capabilities. These models come with advanced features such as adjustable thermostats, variable heat settings, and even timers for heat setting programming. As such, it can be used as both heating and cooling in a single unit.

In this article, we will look at the main features and types of fan heaters that are available at Woolworths, as well as their benefits and downsides. We will also discuss the importance of safety when using fan heaters, and provide some tips on how to get the best out of these products. Finally, we will provide our conclusion on the benefits and drawbacks of woolworths fan heaters.

Main Features of the Woolworths Heater

The main feature of the Woolworths Heater is the adjustable thermostat. This feature allows you to set the desired temperature of the room, and the fan heater will adjust accordingly. The heater also comes with variable fan speeds and heat settings, so you can tailor the settings to your specific needs. These features make it easy to get the room to a comfortable temperature quickly, without running the risk of over or under heating.

Another useful feature of the Woolworths Heater is the timer. This means that you can programme the fan to switch on and off at certain times of the day. This is a great feature if you don't want the heater running while you are out of the house, saving energy and money in the long run.

Types of Woolworths Heaters

There are a number of types of fan heaters available at Woolworths, with the most common being oil filled and halogen models. Oil filled heaters are often the most reliable, as they are filled with oil that acts as a thermal medium. This means that the heat will be evenly dispersed over a large area, making them ideal for large rooms. Halogen heaters tend to use infrared rays to create heat, making them close to 100% efficient and able to heat up rooms quickly. They are often the most energy efficient option for smaller spaces.

Benefits of Woolworths Fan Heaters

There are a number of benefits to using Woolworths Fan Heaters. Firstly, they are easy to use and install, as they don't require any complex wiring. Plus, the thermostat feature allows users to precise adjust the temperature according to their needs. Secondly, they are incredibly energy efficient, so they can save you a considerable amount of money on energy bills in the long run. Finally, they are small and lightweight, making them perfect for use in small spaces or places where space is limited.

Downsides of Woolworths Fan Heaters

As with all products, the Woolworths Fan Heater does have its downsides. Firstly, they can be quite noisy when operating. This can be particularly unpleasant when they are used in a bedroom or other quiet environment. Additionally, their small size can make them less effective in larger spaces, and they also don't provide a uniform coverage of heat.

Safety and Maintenance Tips for Woolworths Heaters

When using a fan heater, it is important to ensure that it is placed on a flat, stable surface. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the heater is not positioned too close to any faic or furniture items. It is also important to ensure that the heater is turned off when not in use, and that any cords are kept secure and away from potential hazards.

Regular maintenance is also important to ensure that the heater runs efficiently and safely. The fan should be checked for dust buildup, and the filter should be cleaned regularly. This can help improve the efficiency of the heater, and prevent any overheating.


The Woolworths Fan Heater is a great solution for small spaces and areas where space is limited. It is easy to install and use, as well as being incredibly energy efficient. It is also available in a number of different styles and sizes, allowing you to choose the model that is best suited to your needs. Despite its benefits, the heater can be quite noisy and can be less effective in larger spaces. As such, it is important to use the fan heater with caution and carry out regular maintenance to ensure that it remains in optimal working condition.

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