greenhouse fan heater with thermostat

greenhouse fan heater with thermostat


In the home or commercial greenhouse, a fan heater with thermostat provides customized temperature control and energy efficient comfort. In the cold climates of winter, a fan heater helps keep plants alive in a greenhouse that might otherwise suffer needlessly from frost.

These fan heater units can be either permanently wall-mounted units or portable with attachable stands. Many models come with adjustable thermostats and timers, allowing you to find the right combination of warmth and energy savings. They are also very quiet so they are ideal for any greenhouse where sound is a factor.

This article provides a review of some of the available fan heaters with thermostat, so you can quickly see what is worth considering when it comes to purchasing such a unit.

Types of fan heater

There are two basic types of fan heater available today - a convection-type or a radiant-type heater. Both types use electrical resistance heating elements, but they differ in how their warm air is distributed to the space.

A convection fan heater uses fan blades to blow the heat from the element into the space, similar to how a central heating system works. The fan helps to evenly spread the heat, so it is usually the most energy efficient type of fan heater. However, it is also noisier than a radiant fan heater.

A radiant fan heater uses the same heating elements but distributes the heat using an infrared beam. This system is less energy efficient than a convection one, but it is much quieter and can provide more concentrated warmth in a more targeted area.

Advantages of fan heaters with thermostat

One of the biggest advantages of a fan heater with thermostat is the fact that you can precisely adjust the temperature in the greenhouse. This is especially important if you are trying to maintain a specific temperature range for your plants.

With a thermostatic fan heater, you can choose the exact temperature you want the heater to kick in at, and this eliminates wasted energy on unwanted heat. This is especially useful if you are trying to save on your energy bills.

Additionally, a fan heater with thermostat will automatically turn itself off when the desired temperature has been reached, meaning you don't have to manually turn the heater off. This adds another layer of energy efficiency to the fan heater and makes it even more convenient to use.

Top recommendations

When looking for a fan heater with a thermostat, there are a couple of models we can recommend with confidence. When deciding, take into account the type of climate you are in and the size of the area you need to heat.

If you are looking for a longer-term installation, then the DeLonghi Dragon 3TRN 1500W Convection heater is a great choice. It has a high-power, 1560 watt convection fan, an adjustable thermostat, self-regulating thermostat and an adjustable timer to help you control your energy use.

For a more mobile option, the Vornado Vortex Hearth Portable fan heater is a great choice. It has a high-powered fan and a thermostat range from 65F to 85F. The Vortex Hearth also has a safety protection feature that turns off the heater if it tips over.


A fan heater with thermostat provides a great way to save energy and keep your greenhouse at the perfect temperature. By taking into account the size of the greenhouse and your climate type, you'll be able to pick out a fan heater that is right for your needs.

The DeLonghi Dragon 3TRN 1500W Convection Heater and the Vornado Vortex Hearth Portable Fan Heater are two great choices that can provide you with precise temperature control and energy efficiency. With either option, you'll be able to keep your plants healthy and keep your energy bills low.

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