halogen room heater vs fan heater

halogen room heater vs fan heater

Comparing Room Heater and Fan Heater: Which is the Best Choice For You?

When winter arrives, a common dilemma that most homeowners face is whether to opt for a room heater or a fan heater. While they both provide warmth during cold weather, they each offer different advantages and disadvantages. Here, we eak down the differences between a room heater and fan heater so that you can decide which option works best for you.

Room Heater Room heaters are usually powered by electricity, natural gas, propane, or kerosene. They include convection heaters, oil-filled radiant heaters, ceramic heaters, and infrared heaters. Convection heaters are the most common variety, and use air-blowing fans to distribute warm air to rooms. Oil-filled radiant heaters work by heating oil inside coils, while ceramic heaters – which are usually cheaper – use a coil element and ceramic plate to generate heat. Finally, infrared heaters use a combination of coils and quartz lamps to provide warmth.

Room heaters heat a room more slowly than fan heaters and often take up more space. However, they also produce a better distribution of heat and are significantly quieter as well. They are safer to operate than fan heaters, since children or pets cannot accidentally knock them over. Furthermore, since room heaters do not suck air from outside, they produce less air pollution.

Fan Heater A fan heater works by quickly heating air, which then passes over a heat exchanger and is then ‘blown’ out from the heater. This means that fan heaters can be used to heat up a room quickly, and are ideal for providing spot heating, such as for a single room, a drafty corner, or individual occupants.

Fan heaters also tend to be less expensive than room heaters, and come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit a variety of needs. However, they also tend to be noisier and can produce more air pollution, as they are essentially sucking in outside air to heat. Moreover, their design means that they are more vulnerable to tipping over.

Conclusion Deciding between a room heater and a fan heater is largely dependent on personal preference and the needs of a household. If you’re looking for a heater that doesn’t take up much space and heats quickly, a fan heater makes for a better option. On the other hand, a room heater is quieter, safer, and produces less air pollution. Ultimately, your choice will depend on how you’ll be using the heater, how much space you have, and how much you’re looking to spend.

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